We value each and every one of our investors and hold them to the highest regard.

Our Fiduciary Duty

At JV Capital it is our fiduciary duty to manage and protect our clients’ investments and best interests to the highest of standards.

We place our clients’ interests above our own as without them our success would never be feasible.

When all is said and done we promise to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect our investors.

Administration Activities

JV Capital holds a brokerage license with FSCO and its’ sister company NHE Capital Corp. holds an administrators license with FSCO. We are responsible for collecting monthly interest payments and remitting them to the investors based on their respective shares. JV Capital will also deal with all renewals and discharges for all mortgages in its portfolio.

Financial Risk & Exposure

The interest rate paid by a borrower will depend on a variety of factors, including whether the mortgage is in a 1st or 2nd position and the geographic location of the property. Generally, an investor can expect to earn an annual rate of return of 4%-8%.

JV Capital has always taken a conservative approach in how it runs and operates its private mortgage business. Due to the diversity of our portfolio, investors are able to choose from a menu of 1st and 2nd mortgages according to their risk appetite. Investors are also provided with the opportunity to syndicate a mortgage with a number of other JV Capital investors, thereby allowing them to spread their exposure over a variety of mortgages.


As part of the closing of the mortgage transaction, the lawyer will put a security charge on the subject property in favor of NHE Capital Corp. NHE Capital Corp. will therefore hold a security interest in the property as collateral for the loan. If the borrower defaults on their repayment of the loan, the lenders are entitled to enter into foreclosure/power-of-sale proceedings on the property to enforce repayment of their principal and interest. JV Capital will be solely responsible for enforcing security on the loan or employing some other form of exit strategy to discharge the loan as quickly and as profitably as possible.

Closing Process

JV Capital will be responsible for identifying and screening potential mortgages so they fit within their established risk profile.

Our exclusive law firm Grechi Carter PC who acts on behalf of JV Capital and the investors, will conduct due diligence on the property and drive the mortgage towards closing. This process generally takes 3-4 days. Meanwhile, the investors will enter into an administrative services agreement with JV Capital’s administration company NHE Capital Corp. outlining how the loan will be administered on their behalf.

When funds are requested by the lawyer, the investors will deposit funds into the lawyer’s trust account to be held in escrow pending closing. On closing, the lawyer will place a security charge on the property in favor of NHE Capital Corp. for their beneficial interest in the property.

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