Our Approach

Our Approach

Honesty, Transparency and Integrity are the cornerstones of how we approach private mortgage investments.

Loan Methodology

Given that financial institutions continue to tighten credit requirements to potential applicants, JV Capital has taken on a more sensible approach to provide these applicants with financial solutions. JV Capital places a very large emphasis on the equity position of its loans to provide a safe and secure lending environment.

Much of the risk inherent in equity-based mortgage financing arises from insufficient equity remaining in the borrower’s property to satisfy their existing creditors. JV Capital mitigates this risk by capping the loan-to-value (LTV) they will lend up to on the property. The key to JV Capital’s success has been their ability to secure loans from their borrowers with substantial equity remaining in their homes. Moreover, experience has shown JV Capital that when a borrower has significant equity remaining in their home, they are much less likely to default on their loan and risk losing their home. When a loan’s one-year term expires, JV Capital can either renew the mortgage or allow the borrower to repay the mortgage back in full.

Geographic Exposure

Given the signifcant increase in demand for private mortgages, JV Capital provides private financing all across the GTA and surrounding areas. We have directed our investment portfolio to focus on the GTA and surrounding areas due to our in-depth knowledge of this complex marketplace and our firm belief in the underlying value of the assets we securitize our funds against. By focusing on this marketplace, which we have extensive knowledge of, we are able to direct investor funds into assets that we have a deep understanding of, rather than only relying on appraisal values and putting our trust in individuals and companies that are not internal to our organization.

Exit Strategy

All JV Capital mortgages are on one year terms. Borrowers utilize our funds to help aid with their personal financial situations. Once they no longer require our funds they apply for traditional banking sources by the end of the term. Should a borrower still be unqualified for the traditional banking system, JV Capital has the option to renew the loan at the end of the term or to find alternate funds to take over the existing loan.

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